Information for participants of the "Sights" photo contest

Most ordinary people still do not want to see that there are many people with disabilities nearby, which has taken away from some of them the ability to move, see, hear, solve mathematical equations, or inevitably takes away vitality through an incurable disease.
We directed the "SIGHTS" Photo Contest to overcome the misunderstanding between ordinary and special people, erasing barriers, stereotypes in relation to such people in society.
Special people are able to rejoice and grieve too, reach heights in creativity and achieve Olympic medals. Just some people need prostheses and wheelchairs to walk, others need special devices to hear and see, other people need constant medication, and so on. But all people need a simple understanding, good attitude and complicity, instead of meaningless pity, disunity and loneliness.
How do these "others" live? What do they feel and experience? Does this tenth part of people's population differ from all the rest of the world? You can see the answers to these questions through the eyes of the participants of the "SIGHTS" Photo Contest.

Conditions for participation in the photo contest:

1. Professional and non-professional photographers are invited to participate in the Contest, regardless of age and place of residence. It is up to the participants to decide where they belonging to: a professional or amateur photo community.
2. The theme of photographs must correspond to the declared theme of the Contest.
3. 3. Only the authors of photographs can participate in the Contest.
4. The individual author can upload up to 3 works.
5. The Participant can upload photos for the Contest through the electronic application form from the site
6. All columns in the application form are mandatory.
7. Only original photographs are accepted. Processing similar to the classical laboratory is allowed – contrast and color correction. Retouching and photo editing, the presence of any signatures, frames and symbols on the image are excluded. The organizing committee has the right to request the source of the photo work.
8. Uploded photo works are pre-moderated (checked for originality, plagiarism). In case of revealing the prerequisites or violation of copyright, the Participant shall be disqualified and their works shall be canceled.
9. Photographs participating and winning prizes (including Special Prizes) in the previous «Sights» Contest cannot be nominated for prizes and Special Prizes of the current year's Photo Contest.
10. All submitted works shall not be returned and reviewed. The works of participants can be used by the organizers to promote the Contest and to highlight the topic of disability in society with the obligatory attribution of authorship.
11. The photo contest is aimed at highlighting socially significant phenomenon described in the Regulations, Information Letter and Press Release for the event.
12. Responsibility for non-observance of the authorship of the sent photographs is borne by the participants of the Contest who submitted the work.
13. The organizers of the Contest are not responsible for the violation by the participants of the copyrights of third parties.
14. The organizer has the right not to allow photos that do not meet the requirements to participate in the competition, without providing additional explanations.
15. Photos of the following content are not accepted for participation in the competition:
- containing elements of erotica, pornography, promoting violence, racism or other forms of discrimination against the individual, offending the feelings of other people; - photographs of naked people; - contrary to the norms of morality and ethics; - demonstration of smoking processes and consumption of alcoholic products; - violating the laws of the Russian Federation; - infringing the copyrights of third parties.

Photo requirements:

1. Original photographs are accepted. Processing similar to the «classical laboratory» is allowed – contrast and color correction. Retouching and photo editing, the presence of any signatures, frames and symbols on the image are excluded.
2. Электронные фотоизображения принимаются в формате JPEG с разрешением 300 DPI, не менее 2000 pix по длинной стороне, цветовая модель RGB.
3. Photographs can be either color or black and white.
4. Photos must be submitted to the Contest through the "Participate Form" on the website.
5. The file name can not contain letters, spaces, or signs / \ : * ? " | and other "technical" characters. < > | и других «технических» символов.
6. The selected works are printed at the expense of the Organizing Committee of the Competition, but without the guarantee of the author's vision of the color and light transmission of the print.

Dates of the photo contest

The photo contest is held in three stages:
Stage I – прием заявок и работ на Конкурс – 2 октября - 23 ноября 2023 г.
Stage II – отбор работ в соответствии с условиями и требованиями Конкурса, работа жюри и подготовка фотовыставки лучших работ – 24 ноября – 28 ноября 2023 г.
Stage III – награждение лауреатов и дипломантов Конкурса 10 декабря 2023 г. в 17.00 в Медиацентре Новой сцены Федерального государственного бюджетного учреждения культуры "Национальный драматический театр России (Александринский театр)".
Participants who have become nominees of the Contest receive a special invitation to the summing up and awards ceremony. The list of winners and nominees of the Contest will be published on the official website of the photo contest after the solemn opening ceremony of the photo exhibition. Participants who sent an application for participation in the Competition, but for some reason did not become nominees, can also attend the ceremony as spectators. The announcement of the results and the awarding of the winners is carried out on the day of the summing up ceremony of the Competition.


The documents required to participate in the contest and some useful information:


Information letter


Before applying, please read carefully all the conditions required to participate in the contest..